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  • I have a self-hosted multisite WordPress install that I’m working on. I help a nonprofit organization host their website, and on a monthly basis I put their newsletter online in the form of a post.

    Some of the past month’s newsletter content is continued into the current month (for example, when we’ve advertised an event in June that’s taking place in July) so I’d like to be able to copy these blocks from the initial post to the next post.

    However, when I select multiple blocks (for example a header block followed by several paragraph blocks, or a header block followed by a list block) and then use Command-C to try to copy these blocks, I get a system error sound and sure enough nothing is copied to the clipboard.

    It *does* seem that I can right-click on the selected content and click on “Copy” from the contextual menu that appears, so the functionality seems to be there, just not working with a shortcut.

    I’m using Safari 13.1.1 on a Mac running MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, BTW.

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  • lisa


    are your header/list/paragraph blocks contained inside a group block?

    this is one way you could try: create a group block with heading/paragraph/list blocks inside the group block and save as a reusable block. then the reusable block can be inserted in new page or post and changed to a regular block to be edited.

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    They are not contained inside a group block. I suppose I could do this each month, but it seems silly to me do this, as it’s not like the block I want to copy is reusable beyond one month, and this adds a lot of clicks to what seems to be a function that should be working but is buggy.

    Thanks for this suggested workaround.

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