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    Hey Guys,

    We’re attempting to setup SiteKit but we get caught in an infinite redirect when trying to verify with Google.

    The backend plugin settings take us to the Google Sign in, we can sign in and see the “Welcome to Site Kit! Let’s get you set up.” screen, but the proceed button under Verify site ownership just loads for a minute, then leaves us on the same page asking us to hit the same “Proceed” button, and just looks there infinitely.

    I’ve checked some other tickets and can confirm we have matching https:// addresses in the site settings tab.



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  • Plugin Support Renee Johnson


    @simonbbs thanks for your report and the detailed steps you took. Are you able to provide your site URL or perhaps your Site Health information?

    This is happening to me at the moment as well. Trying to connect a new site and it just keeps looping me back through the process. I even reset Site Kit but it won’t resolve the connection.

    Also confirmed matching https. Site health is all up to date.

    Something is weird because I’ve connected several other sites to Site Kit this week without problems. Perhaps something changed with the recent update?

    Hi @sssv ,

    I have same issue with you. In my side after allow permission to the SiteKit its redirect me to the something like oauth URL, but it cannot resolved by my NginX. So its give me 404 Not Found.

    Thank you

    Plugin Support James Osborne


    @sssv @bayupermadi Can you open a new support topic as per WordPress forum guidelines, we can assist from there.

    As we’re investigating these redirecting issues feel free to include any relevant information where possible, or feel free to include them in the related GitHub issue.

    I’m also having similar problems with
    I also have several other sites successfully connected to Site Kit

    Any more updates?

    Plugin Support James Osborne


    @essandee If you want to keep track of the related GitHub issue or open a new support topic I can keep you updated as soon as we have an update.

    Plugin Support Renee Johnson


    @simonbbs could you update to version 1.4.0 and let us know if the issue is resolved for you?

    Plugin Support Renee Johnson


    @simonbbs since we have not heard from you, I am marking your support topic as resolved. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to open a new support topic.

    I’m also having trouble connecting site kit and experiencing the Loop back to the welcome page. I’m on Site Kit version 1.6, have reverted my .htaccess to the bare minimum (WP index.php rules and PHP 7 handler), and tried adding the ModSecurity rules outlined in a different ticket.

    Site health report:

    ### wp-core ###
    version: 5.3.2
    site_language: en_US
    user_language: en_US
    timezone: America/Toronto
    permalink: /%postname%/
    https_status: true
    user_registration: 0
    default_comment_status: closed
    multisite: false
    user_count: 1
    dotorg_communication: true
    ### wp-paths-sizes ###
    wordpress_path: /path/
    wordpress_size: 37.86 MB (39701123 bytes)
    uploads_path: /path/
    uploads_size: 1.56 MB (1639164 bytes)
    themes_path: /path/
    themes_size: 1.97 MB (2065890 bytes)
    plugins_path: /path/
    plugins_size: 48.65 MB (51013016 bytes)
    database_size: 3.48 MB (3653632 bytes)
    total_size: 93.53 MB (98072825 bytes)
    ### wp-active-theme ###
    name: Hello Elementor (hello-elementor)
    version: 2.2.2
    author: Elementor Team
    parent_theme: none
    theme_features: menus, post-thumbnails, automatic-feed-links, title-tag, html5, custom-logo, editor-style, woocommerce, wc-product-gallery-zoom, wc-product-gallery-lightbox, wc-product-gallery-slider
    theme_path: /path/
    ### wp-themes-inactive (1) ###
    Twenty Twenty: version: 1.1, author: the WordPress team
    ### wp-plugins-active (9) ###
    Advanced Custom Fields: version: 5.8.9, author: Elliot Condon
    Classic Editor: version: 1.5, author: WordPress Contributors
    Custom Post Type UI: version: 1.7.4, author: WebDevStudios
    Elementor: version: 2.9.7, author:
    Elementor Pro: version: 2.9.2, author:
    Enable Media Replace: version: 3.3.11, author: ShortPixel
    Rank Math SEO: version:, author: Rank Math
    Save & Import Image from URL: version: 0.7, author: basteln3rk
    Site Kit by Google: version: 1.6.0, author: Google
    ### wp-media ###
    image_editor: WP_Image_Editor_GD
    imagick_module_version: Not available
    imagemagick_version: Not available
    gd_version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
    ghostscript_version: 9.26
    ### wp-server ###
    server_architecture: Linux 3.12.18-clouder0 x86_64
    httpd_software: Apache
    php_version: 7.3.16 64bit
    php_sapi: cgi-fcgi
    max_input_variables: 3000
    time_limit: 120
    memory_limit: 768M
    max_input_time: 120
    upload_max_size: 128M
    php_post_max_size: 128M
    curl_version: 7.59.0 OpenSSL/1.0.2r
    suhosin: false
    imagick_availability: false
    htaccess_extra_rules: true
    ### wp-database ###
    extension: mysqli
    server_version: 5.6.40-84.0-log
    client_version: mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 - $Id: 7cc7cc96e675f6d72e5cf0f267f48e167c2abb23 $
    ### wp-constants ###
    WP_HOME: undefined
    WP_SITEURL: undefined
    WP_CONTENT_DIR: /path/
    WP_PLUGIN_DIR: /path/
    WP_DEBUG: false
    WP_DEBUG_LOG: false
    SCRIPT_DEBUG: false
    WP_CACHE: false
    COMPRESS_SCRIPTS: undefined
    COMPRESS_CSS: undefined
    WP_LOCAL_DEV: undefined
    DB_CHARSET: utf8mb4
    DB_COLLATE: undefined
    ### wp-filesystem ###
    wordpress: writable
    wp-content: writable
    uploads: writable
    plugins: writable
    themes: writable
    ### google-site-kit ###
    version: 1.6.0
    php_version: 7.3.16
    wp_version: 5.3.2
    amp_mode: no
    site_status: connected-site
    user_status: not authenticated
    active_modules: site-verification, search-console
        openid: ⭕ ⭕ ⭕ ⭕ ⭕
    search_console_property: none

    Note that if I try going to the Site Kit Dashboard in a new tab while stuck in the loop, I get the following error:

    Loading chunk 0 failed. (error:
        in Unknown
        in Suspense
        in DashboardSplashApp
        in ErrorHandler
        in GoogleSitekitDashboardSplash
    Plugin Support James Osborne


    @usestrict Can you please open a new support topic as per forum guidelines and we would be happy to assist from there.

    Please include the same information, which is very useful in troubleshooting your case. You shouldn’t need to make any ModSecurity changes as of recent versions of the plugin, but open a new support topic and we can hopefully get you connected successfully.

    Done. Thanks.

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