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  • Resolved iflookzkill


    1 – Says that I’m temporarily banned from the website “You are being rate limited” “The owner of this website ( has banned you temporarily from accessing this website.” – Not sure why?

    2 – Every since the update, when I go to add a widget, I’m getting a spinning circle and I can’t add/change the widgets section…

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  • Hi!

    Same here: I’m getting the spinning circle and cannot add/change anything to the website.

    same problem

    I had the same problem. And I needed a lot of hours to solve it :-(…

    The issue seems caused by the actual version 2.6.1. When I changed back to 2.5.16, I can now add widgets again. To go back, change to the tab “Version Control” inside the Elementor tools and click the button of “Rollback Version”. But you should create a backup of your website before.

    What I wonder about is the fact that current version of Elementor works fine on other websites, I have developed. I have no idea why the error only occurs on certain websites and not on others.

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    @nordisch Thank you for that tip! That worked for me! I’m able to use my widgets again.

    It’s the same for me but i’ve JetElementor and OceanWP Elementor Widgets.
    When I disabled them. I can edit my page or create another one.
    But I need them for my site.

    I tried to take a Rollback Version, so the 2.5.16, but it still doesn’t work… Strange they work recently.

    mhhhh I resolve it for me (I think).

    My host is o2switch and I had 7.3.6 php, I change to “native” so 7.1.9 if I remember right. And now it seems to be ok.

    I just fixed the problem I was having:

    1. I went back to version 2.5.16, but did not work.
    2. I then deactivated all the plugins and tried one by one to see if anything changed. No results again.
    3. I then checked the permissions via FTP. All folders were on 755 and files on 644, like they should.
    4. I downloaded a copy of the .htaccess from the /wp directory, and then deleted it. Went to my dashboard: Config / Permalinks and clicked “Save”. Did not work either.
    5. I then discovered that I had another .htaccess file on my /wp-admin folder. So I repeated step 4. this time deleting the .htaccess located on my /wp-admin folder. And it solved the issue!

    I now can do it everything again. It also solved some troubles I was having with WPDiscuz plugin, Yet another stars rating plugin, among others.

    Hope it helps to anyone else.

    I will keep version 2.5.16 though! (at least for the moment).

    After a short test, I can say that the new version 2.6.2 from today solved the problem.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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