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    I’m trying to install a WP network/multisites on I edited wp-config.php successfully, chose sub-directories, and then copied the code given me in order to replace .htaccess. Now going to my site gives a database error: “Error establishing a connection to the database.” When I look in phpMyAdmin through 1and1, all the tables I’d expect are there (e.g. wp_blogs, wp_signups, etc) and I’m confident the credentials supplied in wp-config are still correct. So I’m stumped.

    I reached out to 1and1:
    1st rep: “Multisites are not allowed on 1and1.”
    2nd: “Multisites are allowed.”
    3rd rep: “They’re not allowed.”
    4th: “They are allowed, but you need to install WordPress first.”

    So since I’ve gotten no help from them, I’m hoping someone here can help. I suspect it’s because the database user does not have full privileges for the database, but 1and1’s use of phpMyAdmin does not make changing this easy or maybe even possible.

    Has anyone encountered this with 1and1, and if so, how did you resolve it? Did it come down to db user permissions as I suspect currently, or is there another tree I should be barking up?


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  • I use 1&1 and the support can be spotty. Sometimes it is great and other times not so great. They are trying to get better at their WordPress support and have a new WordPress guru. Do you have Twitter? I would suggest sending @markoheijnen a tweet and I am sure he would be glad to help you.

    That already happened and I will have a look into it tomorrow. Since today is a bank holiday in Germany I can’t get in contact with the right people.

    I do wonder now, did you change your wp-config twices? The network install provides you .htaccess code but also additional code for wp-config.php.

    Good news: got it working, and everything’s operating as expected

    Bad news: I don’t know how I got it working. Unfortunately, I don’t know which of my many iterations was the successful one.

    However, big thanks to Marko for being so willing to help, and I’m glad 1and1 employs someone like that! Now, if only the standard tech support folks were on the same page. I don’t expect them to know everything, but I’d rather they just say “Not sure, I’ll look into it” rather than just making up answers off the top of their head.

    Awesome to hear that. The only thing I got from someone at support was that it was something with database. Will need to request the right permissions to see more information and will work with our customer support on better information around network installations.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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