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  • I’m in the process of moving my site from one domain to another. I did download the entire site and database to my computer. I use HostGator so I went to the old site, selected all the files and clicked Move Files. The files were then at the new site but WP wasn’t considered to be installed. I thought that since the database was the same and I didn’t change the config file that it might just switch over. Obviously, I was an idiot to think that.

    So I then deleted all the files from the new site and installed WP through Quick Install. That went smoothly and WP loaded on the site just fine. So I uploaded my wp-content file and that seemed fine. The theme and css installed fine but there was no connection with the old database. The install created a new database (and it doesn’t tell you the name or password of the db. I found it in phpMyAdmin).

    So I went to that new database and attempted to upload the old database to the new database but when I went back to my site I lost all formatting. The site connected to the database but WP was either not there or the WP formatting disappeared (I think WP disappeared).

    So I tried a completely fresh install by downloading the WP files from and installing the files the traditional way. Since I remembered that you have to have a DB first, I created a new DB in phpMyAdmin (I had to since I can’t upload a database apparently wth out uploading it to a database. I kept getting tha error from phpMyAdmin). I went through the WP install and connected to the new database just fine.

    So the I uploaded the old db to the new db and received the following error from phpMyAdmin:

    SQL query:
    -- -- Dumping data for table <code>wp_options</code> -- INSERT INTO <code>wp_options</code> (<code>option_id</code>, <code>option_name</code>, <code>option_value</code>, <code>autoload</code>) VALUES (7075, '_site_transient_timeout_theme_roots', '1384374562', 'yes'), (7076, '_site_transient_theme_roots', 'a:2:{s:10:"agency-pro";s:7:"/themes";s:7:"genesis";s:7:"/themes";}', 'yes'), (3, 'siteurl', '', 'yes'), (4, 'blogname', 'Modern Theorie Graphic Design', 'yes'), (5, 'blogdescription', 'Where Your Success is Our Passion<', 'yes'), (6, 'users_can_register', '0', 'yes'), (7, 'admin_email', '', 'yes'), (8, 'start_of_week', '0', 'yes'), (9, 'use_balanceTags', '0', 'yes'), (10, 'use_smilies', '1', 'yes'), (11, 'require_name_email', '1', 'yes'), (12, 'comments_notify', '1', 'yes'), (13, 'posts_per_rss', '10', 'yes'), (14, 'rss_use_excerpt', '0', 'yes'), (15, 'mailserver_url', '', 'yes'), (16, 'mailserver_login', '', 'yes'), (17, 'mailserver_pa[...]
    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1062 - Duplicate entry '_site_transient_timeout_theme_roots' for key 'option_name'

    I am soooooo f-ing confused right now and chances are the solution is a no-brainer. But I’m having serious brain farts so if someone could pleeeeeaaase help, I’d love you forever!!!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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