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    I have tried to googling and searching a lot about the subject, nearly though I had found the solution, but… still not really. Most of topics about multisite and themes are about other stuff (default theme for new sites, or things like that). Don’t fit to my problem. Sorry if somehow I missed right post. Ok, let’s go…

    I have a WP 3.5 multisite installed and bunch of sites declared. Another bunch of themes, some plugins and so on. Everything was working perfect. On primary site I had selected theme – let’s call it CURSED theme 🙂

    One day I was changing primary site’s theme and it went well, apart of opening my site in different browser (within being not logged in as any user of my network) and bam! – I’ve seen different theme that I’ve selected.

    From that point the CURSED theme was all the time selected in Dashboard->Appearence no matter that I tried to change it for a different one. If I deleted a directory – it was still selected as current theme, of course not available but selected still. If I selected another one – no changes in Dashboard but… somethimes non logged user could see it properly while visiting the site.

    Going to SuperAdmin network settings, disable theme for network and enable it in Site->Edit panel works fine, but… show it only for logged user while visiting site.

    I checked wp-config.php – there is no wp_default_theme declared. Also checked for wp-includes/default-constants.php – everything’s looking normal.

    I went to SuperAdmin->Network->Site->Edit->Settings and found the entry Default Theme with “Twenty Tvelve” declared. Deleting it (setting to empty field) does not change anything.

    My latest state is – I can change theme visible for Admin in SuperAdmin->Network->Site->Edit tab, of course for theme that is not activated for whole network. I can also change theme visible for non logged user by changing in Dashboard->Appearance but it still does NOT show it was changed! Constantly showing SuperAdmin theme as selected, but displaying it for visitors.

    Eventually I can manage themes in that weird way, but not getting to set very same theme for all by one click and seeing change confirmed – just as it supposed to be.

    Please, does anyone have any suggestions how to solve the problem?

    Ps. Can it be anyway related that before that weird behaviour I installed and unistalled wp-ecommerce? Day or two before, and that I realised things are getting messy.

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  • Let’s cheat.

    Go into the database. Go to the table wp_options and look for stylesheet and template

    Change those to the name (case sensitive) of your new theme folder. So if it’s twentyten, make it that.

    Hi Ipstenu,

    thanks for reply. I couldn’t try it, as after I posted my question I’ve got so mad about it, I deleted all themes from the server and cleared all fields in database containing “sticky” theme name and thinks still were going wrong. I also noticed some settings in Network were not working as well (could not change privacy settings for blogs) so I thought that something is messed properly. I decide as it’s an early stage of the site to do the very nasty thing – delete and start all over, hopefully never again.

    I’ll be more careful with plugins now. Always backup DB first. I still think it is somehow related to wp-ecommerce.

    @ipstenu: Thanks, that helped (they were different).

    But one other thing might also lead to this issue: I’m using PHP-APC, and I’m thinking that for some reason the existing cache isn’t getting invalidated or something.

    The reason: if I restart my web server (lighttpd) then the themes are as they should be. (Sometime when I ‘Visit Site’ it still has the old theme.)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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