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  • Hi everyone. I am using the Zeebusiness theme and have been customising the CSS without too many problems. The issue is that I cannot seem to change the colour of the text for my blog post titles and the blog info. I’ve tried adding in color: #fff; where, as far as I was told, it should go and nothing happens. I can change the font, font size no problem, but the colour remains the same. Can anyone please help me?
    At the moment the site can be found here:

    [CSS Removed]

    Thanks in advance, this has been driving me mental!

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    CSS removed, and link fixed (that’s not what modlook is for, too, by the way, that’s for reporting posts).

    It’s much easier to look at that then an in-line css 🙂

    You need to change this:

    post h2, .attachment h2, .post h2 a:link, .post h2 a:visited {
    color: #241D24;

    See the color?

    I wouldn’t change it to #fff though, since that’s the same as the HOVER color, and will make it hard to see if someone’s hovering. Use #ccc maybe.

    Sorry for being a complete noob, but I can’t see anything like that in the CSS. I knew the color was #241d24 and I couldn’t find any entry in the CSS with this in it 🙁 Any help on that would be really appreciated.

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    Its embedded in the html – do a view source & you’ll see it, is it coming from a theme settings page in the admin of the theme?

    It’s coming from the CSS editor in wordpress. I’m in the style sheet section. That’s how I’ve been editing. Is that not right?

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    No, the css Ipstenu quoted is appearing embedded within the html rather than the stylesheet. Does the theme have a settings section where colours can be set?

    Now I’m really confused, I thought I could edit all of this from within the style sheet option in wordpress…everything else (fonts, transparent wrapper, text colours) I have been able to do this way. It’s just the heading for post titles I haven’t been able to change the colour of, but I have changed the font and size.

    There is a settings section for the theme where you can change the colour scheme, but it doesn’t alter the main body, it only alters the colour of the menu.

    Is there no where I can place the correct CSS into the style sheet the way I have done so with the rest under Theme/editor ?

    Sorry for the double post. Can anyone walk me through where I need to put the code? Sorry for being a pain.

    Moderator cubecolour



    It looks like the css that needs to be changed would be set using an admin panel – otherwise it would be in the stylesheet in the theme. Look at the appearance menu is there anything there that looks like a panel to select colours of headings etc? Perhaps the theme author offers support?

    Horror Of Mike


    Thanks so much guys, there was a custum CS option in the editor. I entered Ipstenu’s code and it changed the topic colour. You guys rock!

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