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  • Home url for my site is
    If you click on one of the images on the home page it will bring you to the related post for that painting, for example

    I want the image on the post to be 960px wide so it fills up more of the screen. I’ve tried adding .post {width …} but that also changes the size of the thumbnails on the home page so I completely lose the effect I currently have on the home page. So, I want the home page to stay exactly the same but change the width of the paintings on posts. The larger image in the posts is currently a Thumbnail in the custom fields. I assume I would have to add the larger painting images into the posts themselves once I have widened the posts, instead of leaving them as thumbnails? Hope that’s clear enough. I would really rather just add some css to the styles.css file if that’s possible to achieve this as I’m not that strong with code. Thanks.

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