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  • same problem. Always the default language menu is displayed. When i switch the language, i have same old default language menu. Can you fix it?

    if to be correct. The firs menu i have created is displaying. No other menus are displayind despite of settings. theme – sofa suppastore, link on site – it is still in deep construction. Also there is no language switcher in menu, but i’ve checked the menu switcher feature…

    it seems to me that my menu is calling by function in such way:

    <?php if( has_nav_menu( 'main-menu' ) ) {
            $menu_defaults = array(
              'menu'            => 'main-menu',
              'container'       => 'div',
              'container_class' => 'dropmenu upper',
              'container_id'    => 'globalnavi',
              'menu_class'      => 'navigation',
              'menu_id'         => 'dropmenu',
              'echo'            => true,
              'fallback_cb'     => '',
              'before'          => '',
              'after'           => '',
              'link_before'     => '',
              'link_after'      => '',
              'depth'           => 0,
              'walker'          => '',
              'theme_location'  => '' );
     	wp_nav_menu( $menu_defaults );
        } ?>

    also i’ve found that if i change the any of two menus’ name to “main-menu” it will be displayed…

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Polylang works only if the theme correctly uses the ‘theme_location’.
    If you get the menus tab then it means that the theme registered the nav menu (generally in functions.php but complex themes may put this in another file) with something like:

    register_nav_menus( array(
    	'primary' => __( 'Primary Navigation', 'twentyten' ),
    ) );

    so in that case, you just have to replace the line

    theme_location'  => '' );


    'theme_location'  => 'primary' );

    This may not be ‘primary’ but something else for your theme

    OK i tried to replace the string with ‘theme_location’ => ‘primary’ ); but after that no any menu is displayed.

    i found the code in one of theme file with register_nav_menus it looks like:

    function register__menus() {
    			'main-menu' => __( 'Main Menu' ),
    			'optional-menu-one' => __( 'Optional Menu One' ),
    			'optional-menu-two' => __( 'Optional Menu Two' ),
    			'optional-menu-three' => __( 'Optional Menu Three' ),
    			'optional-menu-four' => __( 'Optional Menu Four' ),
    			'optional-menu-five' => __( 'Optional Menu Five' )

    what else can be done about that?

    Plugin Author Chouby


    You must not use ‘primary’ which is the example I gave, but ‘main-menu’. You have probably other places with wp_nav_menu, with theme_location not set, where you will have to set it with ‘optional-menu-one’, ‘optional-menu-two’, etc…

    OMG! You are like Moses for me now! Thank you a lot-lot-lot! And please take my deepest gratitude for your great plugin and your precious help!!!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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