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    Few time ago you told me how to change color link. I could do it with your instructions and it worked. You told me that:

    “Insert this command line to your child theme:

    a {
    color: #yourcolorhere;
    } “

    As I don´t have child theme I pasted the code into de custom.css sheet, and it used to work.

    But now I, have changed WordPress 3.6 into WordPress 3.8 and it´s not working anymore.

    Could it be because of the change? Or maybe is just another thing?

    Thanks in advance, I really appreciate your help.


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  • Hi Alejandro,
    if you don’t use a child theme you can also insert the link code using the Custom CSS Plugin –

    Hello Kaniamea!

    Yes, I have inserted the code into the custom css sheet, as I used to do with WordPress 3.6 and it worked. But now, with WP 3.8 it doesn´t work…… 🙁

    I don´t know anything else to do………..

    My custom css sheet right now is like that:

    Theme Name: Iconic One
    Custom CSS Template for Iconic One.
    a {

    Thanks for your reply!!!

    Sounds like it is being overwritten by something else. You can always use important declaration to force it to use your custom code

    a {
    color:#524D4D !important;

    Neither it works………….. 🙁

    whats the url?

    I can see the colour fine and code

    a {
    color:#524D4D !important;

    is picked up correctly. You may want to clear your CDN and Minify cacche

    I don´t know very well this feature, due to I´m a beginner.

    I have a plugin called “W3 Total cache”, and there is a section called “CMD”. There, I see two buttons: “purge” and “purge CDN completly”. Which one am I supposed to push?

    Also, I can read this message: “Content Delivery Network support via maxcdn is currently disabled.” I don´t know if it is important in this case.

    I think I know how to Minify cache, so I only have the problem in the first step

    Thank you!!!

    “purge” should be fine but you might still have to wait for CDN to action the request



    You may also want to clear your browser cache, just in case it’s storing an older version of your page. On Windows you can press ‘Ctrl+F5’ which will clear the cache just for the page you’re on.

    Thank you both of you

    Finally the has been resolved by empty the “disk cache”, from the dashboard of the “W3 Total Cache” plugin

    No, it works



Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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