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  • It would be a good Theme, but there is no way to change the banner images. I searched through the options and source code for an hour. I read the documentation, but there is no way to change the images.

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  • Bendex, I am not a WP pro (not a pHp coder)
    But I have found a very simple + efficient Work-Around for changing WordPress Themes’ images … banners and icons etc …
    I use FTP to replace the image with my own image.

    Here is the order in which you use this simple work-around:
    (i) Using your browser of choice, Open your WP blog
    (a) “right-click” on the banner or image you want to change and select “Properties” from the dropdown menue
    (b) copy the URL of the image you want to change

    (ii) Using FTP now …
    (a) Using your choice of an FTP client software [i.e. CoreFTP or WS_FTP or CUTE FTP etc.)
    … open the directory in which the image is stored (it is on youy clipboard, you can PASTE it into a simple text file if you don’t remember it)
    (b) Find the current image you want to change, and download it to your computer
    (c) then rename that image in the remote server so that it does not render anymore [HINT: I rename the original image by adding “X_” to the beginning, ref: “image.jpg” is renamed “X_image.jpg” which allows me to “restore” the original smply by removing the “X_” from the original.]
    (d) create a “new” banner or image to replace the original one, with the exact same filename as the original, ex. “image.jpg”
    [hint: make it the same dimensions as the original, or else learn to recode the pHp = using the same dimensions is the easiest.]
    (e) using FTP, upload the new “image.jpg” into the directory where the banner or image you want to change is stored (that directory should still be open on your FTP Client – if not then go back there).

    For me, this is a very simple workaround, especially when I have no intention of EVER using the original image which came with the downloaded + installed Theme.
    mit freundlichen grüßen/best regards,
    mark recto


    I was able to put my photos in the slider within the template itself. here’s how: Edit the home page and at the bottom there is a bar that says iribbon page options. Click it. then you’ll see page options. click it. move the feature slider into the active elements box. when you’re done with that, click on iribbon slider options. hit the upload button and upload your photos and click insert. then go to the media library and you will see your photos. click on a photo. then right click the photo and get the photo url. do the same with the other two photos. then go back to the iribbon slider options and paste the photo url’s into the photo url boxes. hit the publish/update button and you’re done.

    I understand how easy it is to miss these things but the people who gave the good reviews obviously figured it out. that should have been a clue for you that it is possible to change the photos in the slider and that the slider wasn’t some kind of scam.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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