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  1. johnnybebopcool
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have installed everything, have even added my own custom theme, and am able to delete posts, names from blogroll, etc, but for some reason, I cannot add anything or change settings. It doesnt give me an error, it just seems to ignore that I have changed the blog name or sub name, have added a new post, added categories etc. Nothing new will show up. What's the deal?

  2. johnnybebopcool
    Posted 9 years ago #

    If this helps diagnose the issue, I get an invalid user ID error when I attempt to edit any users' actions. When logged in as admin, I get this error when attempting to edit admin's profile (set to administrator status). I also get the same error when trying to edit another user account I created for myself which is set to editor. Logging into that editor account has the same issues. I can add new users though, and I can change their status. They just cant add anything no matter what their status.

    Also, when I attempt to publish a post, it jumps me to the Manage -> Posts page where it tells me there are "no posts found".

    I can still delete stuff, just cant add anything new. Im just stumped...

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