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  • Plugin Author Samuel Wood (Otto)


    Presumably you’re using that in some kind of javascript code or something along those lines?

    HTML is not allowed to contain bare ampersands. They need to be changed to & amp; to be interpreted properly. Basically, run it through htmlspecialchars() before outputting it.

    <?php echo htmlspecialchars(get_bloginfo('name')); ?>

    Thanks for the reply.

    Oh yes. Sorry. That is what I’m doing. php within the javascript within the php widget. I’m using EasyBib’s widget…

    I had to change it a bit to get it to grab the info right from WordPress. It all worked great together until I added the ampersand to the site title.

    I tried your suggestion & changed the line to
    "site":"<?php echo htmlspecialchars(get_bloginfo('name')); ?>",
    but it still doesn’t work.

    "site":"<?php htmlspecialchars(bloginfo('name')); ?>",

    Then I just took the simplest route…
    "site":"Out of the Family Tree & into the Fry-ing Pan",


    As soon as I remove the & from the line, it works great.

    OK… got a reply from EasyBib.

    This worked:
    "site":escape("<?php bloginfo('name'); ?>"),


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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