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  • Richard B.


    Give-WP DOES NOT SUPPORT their FREE version of the plugin. Ours aborted generating a code dump and leaving junk in the file system. Functionality stopped working and is now worthless. I had to remove the page from the system and am now looking for an alternative service. I sent the information to Give-WP twice and have NEVER gotten a reply from them.

    If you can’t afford the price – look elsewhere before trying them.

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  • Plugin Contributor Ben Meredith


    Hey @richcb7

    I am more than happy to help, here. You mention in the review here that you reached out to us twice, but I’m having trouble finding anything. When I check your Topics started, I don’t see anything related to GiveWP that is recent at all.

    How did you reach out to us? If you reached out via Priority support, I’d love to get the ticket number to be able to look into things.

    I suspect that something’s not right and your attempts to reach out never made it to us for one reason or another. We take great pride in answering every priority support ticket within 2-4 business hours and resolving all issues in 3-5 business days.

    We are here and ready to help.

    Thread Starter Richard B.


    I submitted 2 emails on your website.

    Of which I saw NOTHING directing me to come here to submit a ticket at

    When I got to: Still have questions? Take a deeper dive into the GiveWP Documentation section or feel free to contact one of our team members. We’re happy to help.
    I clicked on the “GET IN TOUCH” button and submitted the email.

    But NEVER received ANY reply! That was over a 2 monoth period.

    After your message, I scrolled down a little more and saw the link to this page.

    Your team’s idea of how to design a page is weak. The section The support you need when you need it most. Should have been placed before WHY BECOME A CUSTOMER? As when I saw that it was a change in topic and I saw no reason to continue. Had it been The support you need when you need it most. I would have continued. Give-WP should correct this page. Seek to provide the support FIRST then ask them to become a customer.

    There was a system crash & dump that I still have which reported the issue. As it stands now I have uninstalled Give-WP and asked the app to delete all related data at that time. The webpage exists but is inactive and I have no idea what reinstalling Give-WP would have on what is left.

    What do you want to do?

    P.S. Please get someone to answer the emails from the “Get in Touch” button on your page or remove it!

    Plugin Contributor Ben Meredith


    Hey @richcb7

    I made a quick screencast showing you what should have happened when you clicked the “get in touch” button with a technical support question:

    We are more than happy to help in any way to get you back up and running. Your success with online donations is our number one priority.

    Thread Starter Richard B.


    I will give it another try.

    After the last message above I deleted Give-WP and told it to delete all the data at the same time. Not that there was anything legally speaking in there to save anyway.

    Today I reinstalled the plugin and went through the setup process. Surprisingly, the test worked successfully, where previously it would just sit and spin. I activated live mode and it processes the transaction successfully as well and added the form back into the menu system. Whatever caused the crash was probably cleared by the delete/reinstall process.


    As for the email… The email I sent to Give-WP with the crash information used the email address of either [REMOVED]. If you want to look for it. The email on is a default account. Creating a different account for every website gets confusing after a while. I like it simple. Developing websites is confusing enough, thank you!

    I reset your rating above and will keep the Give-WP. I still stand by my statement above that this Give-WP web page is confusing. When one is frustrated and banging their head against the wall trying to find a solution a lot of so-called obvious bits of information are not always seen.


    Richard Billingsley

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