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  • Whenever you design a theme be sure to validate style sheet and templates. Just used the W3C CSS validator to check on the main style sheet for Andreas 09 (2.0) and got a list of warnings. While not as bad as errors, warnings are bad enough.

    Use valid CSS and XHTML at all times please. My problem with including XHTML in my posts might be connected to invalid XHTML in the main index template.

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  • Good thought…. however, it’s really up to the person who uses a theme to deal with whatever the validator throws up. Yeah, the theme-builder(s) SHOULD do that, but there’s no requirement to do so, being’s this is all open source and free software.

    Validating is a site owner’s responsibility generally. Now, if the theme-builder is claiming valid whatever, that’s one thing….

    I know, you get what you pay for. 😀

    Still, making sure your theme was valid would be the courteous thing to do. Might even get your theme a higher rating.

    Also true. I’ve been around here a long time, and this has been brought up fairly often. I haven’t actually used others’ themes for about a year now (I KNOW mine validate, y’know?), but I don’t believe things have changed much.

    I was in favor of some “standards” being put in place, not only for themes but for plugins…. needless to say probably is that I was, with the other 3 or 4 of us wanting standards, roundly shouted down.

    My sympathies. 🙂

    I have a couple of links to html (etc.) tutorial sites. One is … unfinished. The other assumes a degree of technical expertise a visitor may not have. About the only tutorial site I can find that actually shows you how to do things with style sheets and templates is the Learning Movable Type blog, and her instructions on modifying style sheets and templates is “optimized” to the MT user.

    I think we need a “Learning WordPress” blog.

    Not a bad idea. If I had time I’d probably try one…. but I won’t have that kind of time until after the first of the year. If then.

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