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  • I’m trying to install the Analytics360 plugin which integrates Google Analytics and MailChimp tracking.

    I’ve been able to link the plugin with my MailChimp account, but when I attempt to link it with GA, I get this error message:

    The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error. A detailed error message follows:

    The site “” has not been registered.

    I’ve asked in the Google API forum, but they suggested I check with the developers. The developers don’t support the plugin – in fact, they don’t even list it on their site.

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  • Same Problem here. Has anyone encountered this issue and resolved it or has a work around? Such as pluging in the api into the database or something?

    Here is the answer in short you need to register your domain with Google. You can do it here

    • Type in domain and click add
    • click Manage
    • agree to terms and services
    • type in
    • type in description of site or title
    • click save
    • click return
    • Go back to Analytics360 and click authenticate

    Everything should work like butter now. I found the answer on at this site – rjmetrics I hope this helps.

    Thanks for your reply. After I put my domain name in, I get a screen asking me to enter a “Target URL path prefix”. What’s that?

    Then it asks me for a certificate for my domain, with an upload button. Where do I get that?

    Nevermind. I re-read your instructions, which were quite clear!

    I also had the same problem, although @shodezignz step-by-step process didn’t help much. I still ended up at the screen asking me for Target URL path prefix.

    Poking around in the Google forums, I found the solution to this problem:

    Simply put “” in the Target URL box and everything should work fine.

    Thank you all for your help!

    This worked for me also.

    Thanks @shodezignz and @gabrielortega Your advice got me one step closer. Next I get an error as follows:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Http::_getTransport() in /home/freetrap/public_html/cms/wp-content/plugins/analytics360/analytics360.php on line 640

    Is this one of those PHP4 calls and needs to be updated to PHP5 because WordPress 3.2 is no longer supporting PHP4?

    Thanks for these instructions, but I too can’t get this to work.

    I’ve followed the instructions above (including entering “” in the Target URL box) but when I, from the Analytics360 plugin page attempt to complete the authentication process by clicking the “grant access” button, I get this message:

    “Server error: The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.
    Here are some suggestions:
    Reload this web page later.
    HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfill the request.”

    Any ideas?

    I’ve had it working recently with just the domain name, no “wp-admin” at all. Try that!

    My WP installation is in the /blog/ folder. So far I’ve tried:


    All of those result in the same error message. Any other ideas?



    add “www.” in front of your address when entering your url for the value “Target URL path prefix:” in Google’s site management. This worked for me.

    @ryanmaurodesign: Yep, I’ve already tried that. I still receive the same error message. Thanks for the idea though.



    just to clarify what I did that made it work for me…
    • my domain name is: “”
    • my blog actually lives in a subdirectory like yours, but “” automatically points to that subdirectory
    • I already registered “” with Google but Analytics360° wasn’t working ( I got the same message as @thehealthyskeptic )
    • I had to additionally register “” with Google and then list “” as the “Target URL path prefix” of “”
    • After that I was successful

    If this is obvious and what you’ve done already I apologize, if not hopefully it can help you and maybe others.

    note: I didn’t put “” in the Target URL box as @gabrielortega suggested yet I was still successful. Everything works for me except the site traffic graph, but that is a topic for another forum.


    Good news. I was able to authenticate just now. I did two things:

    1) I noticed that an update for the Analytics360 plugin was available so I installed it.
    2) I added the second entry to Google Accounts, as you suggested, so that I have this:
    • “” and
    • “”

    That worked. Thank you very much!



    Awesome! Glad we figured it out.

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