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  • 1. I can’t attach options. I’m smart enough to do this through mySQLAdmin but I don’t see any examples of attached options in there so I don’t know the correct syntax to attach them.

    2. When adding fields or options it returns you to the add form page. That’s really a pain if you have 50+ options to add.

    3. I haven’t checked yet but this plugin never has css hooks for individual fields. There are css hooks on the field its self but not the surrounding div tags so we can’t easily control the layout of the forms with css.

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  • I found the same problem with things not attaching when I clicked the Attach button (is that what you had?), but I was able to get around it by refreshing the page, and taking care that most of the buttons need a long button press to activate.

    Agree with you on point 2.

    I can find lots of ways around problems. I’d like to not have to find a way around…..I’d like it to just work.

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