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    Pulling my hair out! LOL! (I have no hair)

    Okay, so we have a standard site (not Multi-Site) with two administrators.
    There’s another user that’s got a custom roll – Site Owner.

    This roll has all post and page permissions as well as most others. We’re limiting access to some third party stuff and we’re also limiting this user’s ability to add or remove users. They can still edit users.

    Problem is:
    They can author a post with no problem. If they do, and then assign that post to another author it works fine. But they can’t assign a post authored by someone else to themselves. WAIT! It gets better…

    As an administrator (either administrator) I can’t assign a post to them either!

    So this roll can do anything it wants with posts and pages until the moment they transfer authorship. Once that’s done they can never get it back.

    As a test, we created an author account (test1) and were able to transfer authorship to that user with no problem. Switch this same user from the custom Site Owner role to the lesser author role? No problem to assign the post to them.

    Another note because I beg for help: create_post. What does this actually do?
    User levels that can “create posts” don’t have this permission by default. Am I missing something?

    HELP! I’ve been smashing my head on my KB for hours. 🙂

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    Just a note:
    We’ve had success resolving this.

    The solution, though I don’t know why, was to build user permissions up from the editor roll instead of down from the Administrator roll.

    Still think it’s weird and would love to know what the cause is, but there you have it. It’s basically fixed.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Hi Jon,

    Check if this post describes your problem.

    ‘create_posts’ is a capability automatically added by Pro version of User Role Editor to differ access to the editing of existing posts and add a new one. WordPress uses the same ‘edit_posts’ by default in both cases. URE Pro add ‘create_posts’ automatically just to the ‘administrator’ role. The rest is for site admin.

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