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  • Posts refuse to retain categories I apply to them, new posts, old posts, old categories, new categories, applied via editing the post, quick editing the post and while writing, they all have no category not even “Uncategorized” though that’s what they’re called on the front page etc, the dashboard says the Uncategorized category is empty though, and all posts have no category ticked.

    Not even “Uncategorized” sticks.

    Tags don’t stick either.

    Help please? 😐

    Just re-installed WP after having the old installs HDD die on me, sadly the folder I thought was the database which I backed up wasn’t the right folder, thus my old theme and other elements in htdocs are intact but all content is gone, I’ve started re-building the content and ran into this issue.

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  • Posts, pages, categories, tags, links, users, comment–all kept in a MySQL database. Recommend you read WordPress Backups. You might check with your host for your ‘lost’ database…

    Not sure what’s happened to your categories, but categories and tags are maintained in the three terms/taxonomy tables so you might try repairing those via phpMyAdmin.

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