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  1. snottyfeller
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hello all,
    I'm fairly new at this... so bear with me.
    And, actually, I'm not sure even how to tell which version of WordPress I'm using... as it is provided by my host.
    Nevertheless, I recently set up a WP blog, and have adjusted the layout a bit.
    For some reason, the commenting doesn't seem to work.
    If you click where it says "no comments" under the "great seeing you guys" post (for example), you get re-directed here (which looks like the exact same page, but lacks the commenting box):

    why doesn't it take me to a "commenting page" or open a commenting dialog box?

    if you click on the about or contact buttons at the top, you can see the general comment response box incorporated therein.

    Is there a broken link?
    Did I name something incorrectly?
    The comments.php is uploaded.

    I could just switch themes, but I'd really like to just keep tweaking the one I have until I have it just the way I want... instead of using a pre-fab theme.
    That being said, I'll do it if it makes the site functional!

    thanks so much,

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