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  • Did you run the database upgrade routine after updating the plugin?

    Post a website link maybe ?

    My website’s
    Really need some advice to resolve this
    Appreciate the help in advance!

    @stereohero: I already upgraded WordPress to the latest version 3.9.1. Hope that’s what you are referring to. If not, is there a guide for such?

    @mihai: you recommend ‘upgrading the database’?

    Just took a quick look.

    Using javascript debug console looks like the wpsc_vars isn’t being set in the pages as part of the localization?

    @bball_ming: After upgrading wp e-commerce to the latest version there’s usually a message in wp-admin that says something like “To finish the installation you need to run some upgrades on your database… click here to finish the upgrade”.

    Did you run that?

    @stereohero: thanks so much for the suggestion. I navigated to the tab on the left menu called “database upgrade”, where i saw it stated “you need to upgrade database before you can use wp e-commerce”. The cart worked fine after I upgraded the database and was able to add product to the cart.. but now there’s another problem!

    After keying in details at checkout, on clicking the ‘purchase’ button, the page only refreshes and doesn’t seem to flow through to paypal page. I tested out a few times and realise this happens when I check the ‘same as billing address’ checkbox. When this is unchecked, it finally was able to flow on to paypal. How do I resolve this as I want to give customers the ability to select ‘same as billing address’?

    Thank you soooo much for your help thus far… Very much appreciate it.

    Glad I could help 🙂

    As for your other question, about Paypal, I cannot help since I don’t use that payment gateway myself.

    Maybe you should add a new thread for that question, or see if there are any similar threads in this forum or on Github.

    Take care!

    I am very disappointed with wp-e-commerce at this point. Every time there is an update I spend hours trying to fix things the update broke.

    Going to hasn’t been any different. I simply cannot get the cart to show any items in the cart once I go to checkout. They show in the widget on the left sidebar (where I put it), but going to the checkout page it always says the cart is empty.

    I have tried multiple times to clear the theme cache, update, rollback, update etc. all to no avail.

    I originally tried this update when it came out as 3.8.14 but had to rollback because of that problem.

    I give up. I bought the gold cart, the fedex module, the (apparently deprecated) affiliates module, the UPS module, the drop shop module etc. and it simply was a waste of money.

    I gave up on drop shop almost as soon as i tried it because of the instability.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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