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  • Can anyone help me find what s the probléme with my feed ?

    because when i try burn it in feedburner i recieve this Message

    The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file. We encountered the following problem: Your feed has an invalid character(s) in it. This may be caused by editing your posts with a wordprocessing program. Try copying your posts into a plain text editor (like Notepad or TextEdit) before pasting them in your blogging tool.

    and when i check it in W3C Fees Validator

    i recieve this message :

    This feed does not validate.

    line 115, column 71: XML parsing error: <unknown>:115:71: not well-formed (invalid token) [help]

    her is the URL of my feed :

    HELP!!! pls

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  • Let’s take a closer look at Line #115. It reads:

    <title>La France juge « très positivement » le rôle du Maroc dans la crise au Mali</title>

    Column 71 appears to be: ô

    Can you edit the title to replace the ô character with this ô instead? (Similar to what has already been done with the non-breaking spaces and the angled quotation marks)

    Sorry, my response didn’t make much sense because I typed in the HTML entity for a character, and it got transformed into the character. Let’s try this again:

    Instead of the ô, try using this, but without the spaces: & # 244 ;

    Thanks for your answear but the xml is generated automaticle from my article and my website is in french so i think even if i correct this ligne next time i will have the same probléme with a new article
    i think it s encoding probléme with french languages but i see many french website working with wordpress that dont have this probléme
    with their feed so… i m lost ….

    > but i see many french website working with wordpress that dont have this probléme with their feed . . .

    Would you mind sharing one of those websites with a working RSS feed with me? I can compare your feed with their feed, and see if there are any changes we can make to get yours working possibly.

    I’ve compared your website’s feed with the three feeds from the other websites you’ve provided, but I can’t find any differences that would explain why their feeds would work while yours does not.

    The problem is definitely with that “ô” character, however.

    Perhaps you could contact the owner of one of those blogs and ask them if they experienced any issues with their feeds similar to this, and if they did, find out how they managed to get them working?

    i will try thank you for the advice

    Hello, Dolomats0

    I was discussing your situation with a friend of mine, and she had a suggestion that I overlooked. If you have a plugin that is interfering with the RSS output, that might be the culprit.

    Have you tried temporarily deactivating all plugins, and seeing if the RSS feed validates properly? If not, can you give it a quick try when you have a moment?

    Thanks for your interst to my probléme so i tired what u told me on my
    Experimental website copy here

    i desabled all plugins and stll same problem
    i created like 12 articles just with the word Test and the feed
    Worked as u can see here :
    you can check it on all feeds validators they will all validated it with
    success what bring me to the conclusion :

    the probléme is with french caractér like (ô, ù, é….)

    And still no solution :p



    Forum Moderator

    Since the new feed is perfectly valid, the issue must lie at Feedburner’s end. I suggest you try asking for help there.

    Thanks for your help esmi

    but i think the probléme is not only because feedburner,
    because i get error on all feed validator like :

    thanks for help



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    I checked your experimental site’s feed with and it passed without any problems.

    exactly it passed but i writed only test on title and in body that s why

    but in my real site

    it s french news website and i put many french text with some french

    special character like (ô, ù, é….) what make the probléme in the feed

    and i cant avoid it.

    i dont know how other french website that using wordpress are dealing

    with that….

    OKay, so you were able to recreate the same problem on the experimental copy of your site, even with plugins disabled. So that rules out your plugins.

    What about your theme? Have you tried switching that to Twenty Twelve, for instance, and seeing if the rss feed validates (not the test entries one, but the actual real content with the special characters)?


    so i tried change the theme as you said but no way

    and on my next articles i avoided theses french caraters mention

    up on the topic then the rss was validated by feedburner and all others

    and i burned it in feed burner now i will see how it will react when

    i will put again theses frenche caracters and will see and let you know

    you can check it :

    Native feed :

    Feedburner Feed :

    Thanks For help Everyone

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