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  • I posted on this yesterday, without any response yet.
    However, I “downgraded” to v. 2.0.9 and that has fixed that problem, although it’s not the longterm solution I’m hoping for.

    hey fifthleg. thanks for the response. is it hard to downgrade? i like the usability of 2.1

    Are you adding the new categories on the Write Post spage or the Manage Categories page?

    Browser and browser version?

    Any error given?

    And fifthleg, I just answered you in the other thread. Learning to search may be helpful. Since it’s a topic that’s already been covered many times, that’s probably why you didn’t get a response.

    I’m trying to add cats from the manage category section. I’m using firefox No error reported, fields just clear.

    I have tried to add categories in different sections like adding a category to blogroll and the same thing happens.

    This is a big issue has anyone resolved it?

    I can’t add categories either?
    It is a fresh WP install just the other night with no plugins or anything?
    I go to the Manage>Categories and try to add one. It show’s it added in the admin manage areas but when I check the site it’s not there?
    I rereshed browser and it doesn’t shoe on my page?

    I need categoreis.

    i am also having same problem when i add category it says you are not allowed to do it

    I too need this answer. The only advice I’ve seen is to downgrade. There must be something else.

    The solution for me, after trying various suggestions including clearing the cache, resetting browser profiles, etc. was to access the site via the non-www version (ie. instead of

    I had an htaccess rewrite setting that was redirecting to – I’ve now reversed that so everything goes to

    Thinks for the reply asterix but i can’t do that.

    I had the same problem with wp 2.2 and was able to fix the problem with a fresh-uninterrupted download and a new mySql.

    I was uploading with a wifi and somewhere along the line there were interruptions with the connection. I think the database may have been effected from the malled files so I started with a new-clean database.

    i got a solution
    the problems is due to a conflict with the browser
    disable javascripts in browser and try again
    it will solve the problem

    Ok, after trying everything with no success, I downloaded the Category Overload plug-in and it instantly fixed the problem!

    Yes, I have the same problem. (I’m using 2.2.1)
    I need Category.

    I’ll try your solution.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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