Can't Add Media - Tried disabling plugins, etc (3 posts)

  1. axedesign
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I ran through the usual troubleshooting procedures - disabled plugins, tried a different theme, etc. - to no avail.

    I also tried inserting define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false ); in config.php but that didn't help either.

    This is happening on multiple sites and each is on a different web host, so it isn't a server config issue.

    I can add media to the gallery, but when I hit "insert" nothing happens. I have to copy the file's URL from the gallery and wrap it in img tags myself.

    This has only been happening since WP 3.5.

  2. Can you please provide a link to your site?

  3. axedesign
    Posted 3 years ago #



    And it's also happening on


    I tried disabling plugins on both. They both use Genesis + custom child theme, however I tried with WP 2012 and the problem was still present.

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