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  • I can add a link here to my blog using this wordpress forum text editor, but I am unable to do so using the Admin Dashboard on WordPress installed on my server.

    But it’s more complicated:

    1) Previously I used Blog Client “Ecto” to author all of my posts, include links, photos, etc. Since upgrading to OS X 10.7 (Lion) the Ecto app is a bit kluge. so I have resorted using the online admin of WordPress.

    2) With my new posts (the last two on my site) when I try to click the “chain” link icon and then add a URL and title, upon hitting update WordPress returns me to the list of posts and not the post I was just editing.

    3) If I go to an older post that I authored using the Ecto blog front end client, I am able to use the link tool and create a hyper link.

    So I know that the browser does support the feature. However, it is only allowing me to create links in older posts. Not a post that I just authored from scratch using WordPress Admin Dashboard.

    This is too bizarre.


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