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  • My problem is that when I create new links categories, the category headings don’t show up in the sidebar on my site. When I add links under the new categories, the links show up just fine, but they all appear under the default “Blogroll” category. And they show up immediately, so it isn’t a caching issue.

    The problem occurs just on the site itself. On the Links –> Manage Links tab, the links and categories appear correctly. I’ve double checked that everything’s set to Visible like it should be.

    I’m running WP 2.0.4. I don’t know if the problem occurred with earlier installations, since I only started trying to add new link categories after upgrading.

    I usually use Mozilla Firefox, but trying to fix it with IE doesn’t help.

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  • Personally, I gave up on the link manager a long time ago. I found that I had a great deal more control by building my links manually and placing the code in the sidebar text widget.

    Never mind, I figured it out. Thanks, all.

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