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  • After updating to WordPress 3.5, setting image title is not possible without using workarounds and additional clicks which slow down your productivity.

    To reproduce:

    – edit post

    – click “Add media”

    – click on “Upload files” – only then it’s possible to choose “Select files”, this regression and additional click is introduced by WordPress 3.5

    – choose the file you want to upload

    – you will see “Attachment Details” to the right – with options like Title, Caption – in “Title”, put any new title, like “New title which won’t work” and hit “Insert into post”

    – the newly inserted image will have no title, although it was set a while ago!

    – you have to edit the image, go over the settings again and set the title once again to set the title – yet another regression introduced by WordPress 3.5.

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  • When you upload an image, you can add a title in the right-hand column of the Media window

    You can – in theory – add a title, but when you insert the image, you will see there is no title there!

    There is no title attribute, correct. But that’s quite different to the image’s title – will be available via, for example, its attachment page.

    But there is a “Title” in the form, it just doesn’t work – see the screenshot here:

    After uploading the image, setting the title and pressing “Insert into post”, the image is inserted, but without the specified title.

    it just doesn’t work

    It does. The image retains that title in the Media Library. If you want to display the image’s title with the image then you have to complete the Caption field.

    Caption is something else – it’s a text below the image.

    “Title” is text which is displayed when you mouse *over* the image.

    The “Title” in the same dialog as “Insert into post” suggests that the title will be used for the inserted image, just like it was with earlier, pre-3.5 WordPress versions.

    It’s clearly a regression – where can this bug be reported?

    It’s not a bug. What you are describing is the tile attribute and automatic addition of a title attribute to inserted images was deliberately removed in WordPress 3.5.

    I’m sorry (but not actually sorry) that the tooltip community has felt slighted by this one, but we won’t need to make a change. We made a choice, and this choice on the whole benefits all users and readers, not just those using screenreaders. How often have you moused over an image on a WordPress site and saw “IMG_1234”? One of the lamest things ever. Never again.

    Tooltips can still be added by opening the Edit Image modal and inserting something into the title attribute box. The only change is that the “Title” field — which is the name of an image’s attachment page — does not populate the title attribute.

    > How often have you moused over an image on a WordPress site and saw “IMG_1234”?

    In my blog – never. Why would anyone give an image a “IMG_1234” title? O_o

    If you’ve made the choice and removed a way to set a title to an uploaded image, you should not stop half way and remove the “Title” option after the image was uploaded, too.
    Current behaviour is inconsistent, changed from one WordPress version to another and confuses editors – why some options *do* have effect when the image is inserted, while other options have no effect when the image is inserted?

    After reading the bug description, it looks that the solution was entirely wrong and unnecessarily complicated (and, complicated life of many users using the title=”…” element).

    WordPress should just leave an empty “title” after the image have been uploaded, instead of placing “IMG_1234” there.

    Media browser should display original image name if no title was set by the user.

    Simple, consistent, does not break existing functionality, does not confuse users.

    Now go and look at why the ticket was raised in the first place.

    mangoo is right. Title tag is no longer added. I had to put it in there manually. Awful update. I have never regretted updating as much as with this 3.5

    I make my living running WP sites and registered just to comment on this. I know the change was made with the best of intentions, but it is horrible from an end user perspective.

    You enter a title in the media library, then “title” is blank when you insert the image into a post, and instead the Title is copied into Alt Text? How confusing and counter-intuitive is that? And the solution is to go back and manually edit each image AFTER it’s inserted into the post? How on God’s green earth was this judged to be proper functionality?

    If you want to encourage greater use of Alt Text, then why didn’t you just automatically set Alt Text as the Title while keeping it so Title also = Title?

    Everybody who uses a lightbox plugin — I counted more than 1,000,000 downloads among several of the more popular lighboxes — is absolutely screwed by this change.

    Please, do something to change this for the next update. Improve accessibility while not hurting hundreds of thousands of WP publishers. Thanks.

    Big G likes title tag. My lightbox plugin needs title tag. My readers like to go with their mouse over the picture to read the image title. Bring it back! Please.

    I absolutely agree with llnllc, this is completely confusing!
    The title cannot be Alt Text!
    Please change this the soonest!

    When inserting an image by “Insert Media”, there is the title of the image in the “Title box”.
    Next if you insert the image into the post and select it:
    When you click at “Image edit” icon, you find the “Title box” empty and at the “Alternative Text” box the title of the image!!
    I am inserting more than 70 images/day and I am afraid this will be very bad for SEO!
    Please explain.

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