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    First, I have one page in Swedish, and one in English.

    With the first site I changed to Ascende (Swedish site), I used the Importer and changed my site afterwards. That allowed me to easily add which illustration/image I liked as my Home Page/Front page image (Parallax).

    With my second site (English language) I didnt use the Demo Importer, but instead made all settings in the Theme Option and Customize in the English version site, like all the settings are in the first Swedish language site.

    But, no matter how I have used the entire work day – almost – I can not figure out how to get a parallax image in the English siite. I cant find where to change this.

    Any ideas?

    You can go to my Profile pic in here, and click my website link, and simply choose “English” in the menu, to see the difference.

    I also noticed that the English site top menu have small squares instead of the regular triangle arrows. Havent been able to fix that either.

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  • Hi, Me again,

    I found it! Solved it!

    And here a suggestion to the Kadence team I believe would inccrease user experience a lot.

    To make this “Add a Parallax image on “Home Page” work, please update the Theme Options page with a Text explaining, showing users where to find this one.

    I think the reason I forgot this feature on my english site, was that I didnt use the Theme Demo Importer, and hence couldnt see a slight “flickr” of the Demo parallax image each time I refereshed the browser.

    So, basically, please add for future Theme update “Add Parallax Image to Home Page” in here:

    1) Go to Theme Options / Home Page Header / Look in the “unlabeled area” between “Smaller Device Title Height” and “Enable background parallax”
    2) So, therefore, Scroll down almost to the bottom.
    3) In this “unlabeled area” Click “Upload”.


    Resolved in other words 🙂

    Exceptt this tiny issue (almost a days work to solve lol) I love all the functionality of this great theme. Guys, you have made these fab Kadence themes, a big thanks!


    Glad you figured it out! This kind of thing is pretty straight forward, so I don’t know that we’ll update the theme options to show how to do this. In cases like this, it’s something that can be answered quickly with the support forums.

    In the future, you should consider posting a link to the demo site where you’re trying to copy something. Also, instead of posting a link in your bio, please just post screenshots here:

    It just makes things much easier for me when trying to figure out what the problem is. Images and links are far more effective in communicating the issue than long descriptions. Thanks!


    Hi Kevin,

    I totally understand its straight forward, but I disagree it wouldnt be of importance. When I write tutorials professionally, and hold classes for companies both online and on-site, on how to work with the same graphics program like myself, I try not to with hold information that for me seem “obvious”. It rarely is for the average new user.

    But, all that said, I found it, and I am happy 🙂

    When it comes to posting images, screenshots and such in here, this is the way I solved it now. I might do it differently next time, who knows. I am not trying to be difficult, I just like to be able to remove links and images I put up to help others, like yourself, to get info, much longer than after an hour limit.

    And, considering a WordPresss Org forum moderator, both Deleted my response to his response, refusing to remove a link to a client web page (Which anyway was solved, for me, because my client created a new domain name). But wont be fun for others who click a link that leads no-where.

    I wrote about it in my blog, here:

    I thought it was rather strange that the Moderator deleted my response, instead of helping out. Actually, I felt he was kind of arrogant/nonchalant in his own respons, and then trying to be funny on my expense.

    Anyway, it made of a new blog post and saved my blogging that week 😉

    If I come up with another temporary way of adding links and images in the future, I might use it. seem to allow removal of uploaded images. I will give it a thought. Thanks!


    I see what you mean but for this specific feature I don’t see adding anything more to the theme options as being necessary. If this request comes up many more times then definitely something should be added, but since the theme’s release, this is the first request that I’m aware of.

    Have you seen the doc site and knowledge base? A lot of these things are covered there:
    Knowledge base mostly covers premium themes, but there is some overlap.

    For the link, you could try something like this site:

    But I think you’re overthinking the whole thing. It’s no big deal to post a link that wont be available later. People do it all the time and it’s never caused any issues.

    As for the mods, I wouldn’t take it personally. The moderators are just quite matter of fact when they state things. They see 1000s of posts and your request is not a common one, most people just post a link or screenshot and move on.


    Hi Kevin,

    We are all different. I like when links actually lead somewhere. I can live with it, I do.

    I am not new to forums and can live with that but when I asked, I think the guy could do better.

    I’m a moderator myself off and on at a Facebook group with 15000 + members, and I know it’s tons of things to look at, but it’s easy to be friendly. He wasn’t. He was deleting my response and nonchalant. Bizarr decision.

    Like I said it made a blog post for that week.

    For the feature, it’s more adding a explaining text, nothing else.Not a demand, just a thought.

    Being first to ask: hey, someone has to be first, right 😉


    And thanks for the links. I actually check your docs and links and videos. Very good of you guys to put that all up. Helpfully info!

    For the purposes of the this forum though, answering YOUR question is the priority. If it helps someone down the road, then that’s an added bonus, but since it’s your topic, I prefer to focus on getting your issues resolved as accurately and quickly as possible. 🙂



    Your excellent on helping out. Appreciate it very much.


    Now it’s late over here, have to take my dog out. Border collie mix.

    Thanks tons for all your help


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