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  • WP won’t let me add custom fields to my posts–it just keeps giving me the “Something strange happened” error. Same problem in Firefox and Safari, and yes I’ve reloaded, restarted, refreshed, etc. A colleague accessing the exact same post from a different computer (also a Mac, probably a different version of OS) in a different building can add custom fields just fine. Are there known problems with custom fields, 2.2.2, and certain versions of OSX? I didn’t have this problem before our last upgrade of WP.

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  • Same problem here even after upgrading to 2.3.2 and when I upgraded to 2.3.3 I still have the issue. It would sure be nice if I could get my custom fields working. I really need them to work

    In researching the issue, I found that auto_increment should be set for the metadata_id field in the wp_metadata table. If it is not set, WordPress tries to assign a metadata_id of 0 for all new custom fields and fails with that something strange error. I can’t guarantee it will work for you but it is something worth checking. When switching that field to aut_increment, make sure to remove the default value of 0.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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