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  • I can’t seem to add a category
    even when i press the ‘ Add Category >> ‘
    button after i’ve already filled in the fields for category name, category slug, category parent and description.

    The fields just gets cleared and nothing happens.

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  • Okay. What version of WordPress?

    I have the same problem, using version 2.1.3

    I’ve tried creating categories using both my “editor” account, and the admin account.

    same. 2.1.3

    i managed to get one category done after lots of refreshin
    but now i’m having the same prob again.

    mayb it’s just not stable?

    if i can’t even post this defeats the purpose of bloggin right?

    the text fields just clears after i press the

    ‘Add Category’ button


    can anybody help with this?

    Looks like I’m in the same boat.

    Check your internet settings. Do you guys get any error messages like “DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE THIS PAGE?” or something along those lines.

    yeah, i do get this error message sometimes. interesting enough it’s the same with user administration, though i managed to somehow create a new user. with categories it just doesn’t work at all (same symptoms as described by GZP). any ideas? btw… having no problems on an older wordpress build.

    thx 4 ur efforts.

    Same problem here – new WP 2.1 install

    I found a solution, at least on my end. I need to access my site via the non-www version (ie. instead of I had an htaccess rewrite that sent everything to www. I guess I’ll need to reverse that now.

    Thanks asterix – that fixed the problem for me (www v. non-www agreement).

    problem is due to the ajax component. a workaround is to edit the /wp-include/script-loader.php and rem out the js scripts that is having a problem. around line 35

    // $this->add( ‘ajaxcat’, ‘/wp-admin/cat-js.php’, array(‘listman’), ‘20070118’ );
    // $this->add( ‘admin-categories’, ‘/wp-admin/categories.js’, array(‘listman’), ‘3684’ );
    // $this->add( ‘admin-custom-fields’, ‘/wp-admin/custom-fields.js’, array(‘listman’), ‘3733’ );

    what do i edit those lines to??

    I wish I could get an answer for this as well…

    Ditto. Same problem here.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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