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  • I can’t add Categories with Latvian letters because still WP doesn’t install UTF-8 databases! Stupid. When I install new WP it creates latin1_swedish_ci encoded db. Why not UTF-8?! Every time I install new WP, I have to dump db, then change all these settings manually to utf-8 and then restore db from the changed MySQL file. Why WP can’t create normal setup in the first place? And connection to db is also STILL BROKEN – it doesn’t create UTF-8 connection to the db. After every update I have to add two more lines in the wp-settings.php file:

    mysql_query(“SET CHARACTER SET utf8”);
    mysql_query(“SET NAMES utf8”);

    Here’s what I get when I try to add new category with Latvian letters (“Pasākumi”):

    Add Category

    WordPress database error: [Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ‘=’]
    SELECT tt.term_id, tt.term_taxonomy_id FROM wp_terms AS t INNER JOIN wp_term_taxonomy as tt ON tt.term_id = t.term_id WHERE = ‘Pasākumi’ AND tt.taxonomy = ‘category’

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/cesis/public_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php:587) in /home/cesis/public_html/wp-includes/classes.php on line 1586
    pasakumi0 ]]>Pas?kumi added]]>

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