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    I’m currently building a WP multisite featuring 10 subdomains on a local server platform (“Desktop Server”). I have Global Content Blocks installed and activated at the network level. At the moment, I have 3 content blocks on the main domain (adsense ads).

    The plugin worked like a champ on the main domain… but seems to be malfunctioning on the subdomain level.

    I exported the 3 content blocks from the main, and imported the gcb file to the first subdomain. I got a confirmation message that the upload was successful… but that was it… the blocks were not added to the table; and the message “no Content Blocks yet!” was unchanged.

    Then, I tried manually adding each block… and when I pressed “Save,” the same thing happened… a confirmation message, but no other change to the table.

    I even tried changing browsers… no luck.


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  • Plugin Author benz1


    I don’t use Multisite so the plugin was never designed to be multisite compatible and has not been tested on it. I know from other posts that a content blocks cannot be shared between different multisite sub-domains but as far as I’m aware it should work on each sub-domain independently. I’m wondering if the issue could be anything to do with it being on a “local server platform”? Do you have a multisite installation on a web server that you could test it on?



    Yes, I know that content blocks can’t be shared across subdomains… I’m attempting to replicate the set up on the main domain on the subdomains – which is what’s not currently happening, lol.

    I do have a web server with a multisite installation, however, it’s set up for subfolders, not subdomains – so if it worked there, I’m not sure that it would be much help at the moment. I’m building this install to replace an existing (and fairly large) static site, so I want to be able to add the ad codes as I incorporate the pages, so they’re in place when we go live.

    Ah well, push comes to shove, I can write my own ad shortcodes and place them manually on the subdomains for now; then sort the issue out later. If the GCB works on the web server for the subdomains on the web server, I can replace my shortcodes, or simply use GBC going forward as new material is added. And if it doesn’t; I can still use GCB on the main domain (which is the largest – 500 posts/pages) – no harm, no foul.

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