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  • Resolved Nikodemsky


    So i’m trying to add new table but nothing happens when clicking on + buttons and there’s error in console:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'o' of undefined
        at ACFTableField.t.init_option_use_header (input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:549)
        at ACFTableField.t.misc_render (input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:509)
        at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:179)
        at Function.each (load-scripts.php?c=1&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jquery-ui-mouse,jquery-ui-sortable,moxiejs,plupload&ver=5.2.2:2)
        at a.fn.init.each (load-scripts.php?c=1&load[]=jquery-core,jquery-migrate,utils,jquery-ui-core,jquery-ui-widget,jquery-ui-mouse,jquery-ui-sortable,moxiejs,plupload&ver=5.2.2:2)
        at ACFTableField.t.each_table (input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:158)
        at ACFTableField.t.init_workflow (input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:110)
        at ACFTableField.t.init (input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:105)
        at input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:1288
        at input-v5.js?ver=1.3.5:1290

    Any idea how to fix it?

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  • Plugin Author Johann Heyne


    Thanks for reporting me that issue. Can you please give me some information…

    Operating System:
    Browser Name:
    Browser Version:
    WordPress Version:
    ACF Version:
    Advanced Custom Fields: Table Field Version:

    Did the problem also occur with a new fresh…
    Installation of WordPress:
    on a new page:

    Did the problem occur after an update of the plugin?

    Thanks much!

    Win 10 x64
    Chrome 76.0.3809.132 x64
    WP 5.2.2
    ACF 5.8.3 PRO
    ACF: Table Field 1.3.5

    Problem occurs on existing page – when i create new page then everything’s ok.

    Plugin Author Johann Heyne



    did you change the fieldtype to table from another fieldtype? Because the problem occurs on existing page, there may already be content from another fieldtype in the database for this field. That could explain the issue. Can you confirm this? If so, I should find a solution to handle this situation.


    Yep, this is exactly the case.

    Plugin Author Johann Heyne


    Version 1.3.6 should fix that problem.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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