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    I just installed hustle and it’s just what I was looking for!

    I created an email pop up, configurated it and connected it with my mail chimp account. Everything is working great except for the behavior section. The interface does not allow me to configure or add any type of rules like in the visibility section. Is this only available in the pro version?

    Thank you for your feedback!

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    Hello @masterschnuz

    Hope you’re doing well!

    The Behavior tab should looks as shown in the following screenshot:
    It doesn’t have an option to add Rules as in the Visibility section. For example, you can only choose one option from the Pop-up Triggers.

    I’ve tested the Behavior tab on my end and it works well. It should be available in the free version.

    Please edit the pop-up and open Behavior tab. Right click on your browser and Inspect the page. Open a console tab and see if there are any JS errors. Please see this screenshot:

    If there is an error, and none of the options can be selected, possible clicked on it most likely there is a conflict with another plugin.

    To find with which one, please run a quick test:
    – Deactivate all plugins beside Hustle and try to edit the Behavior section
    – If all is well, start activating one plugin at a time, every time testing the Behavior section
    – Once the issue is back, the last activated plugin is causing a conflict.

    Please make sure to have a site’s backup before running this test, so if something will go wrong, you can always restore it.

    Let us know how it went!

    Kind regards,


    I am also facing the exact same issue. Clicking on the behavior tab, there is nothing within that to change behaviors etc

    I’m using the newspaper theme from tagdiv. Unfortunately the editor plug-in from tag div is creating this problem and I can’t deactivate it to solve it. Without the plug in I can’t use important functions of the theme.

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    Hello @masterschnuz

    Hope you’re doing well!

    Since the theme is premium, please contact the theme’s developers so they could have a closer look at this issue. As in the WordPress.org forums, based on their policy, we can’t support premium, themes.

    @jkility1 , please follow the directions from the reply hereto run a proper test for a conflict with a plugin or a theme. If the issue still persists, please open a new thread in our forums, as this thread was created by another author.

    Have a good day and take care!


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    Closing this topic due to recent inactivity.
    Feel free to post back any update or create a new topic and we’ll be glad to carry on troubleshooting. 🙂

    Thank you,

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