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    The calendar went away. Clicking on Activate, I get blank page. Clicking on settings from the plugin page, I see “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

    I’ve rolled back to 2.5.44

    Is there a way to get the new version to work on existing sites?

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  • Hi Steve,
    I have the same problem. Until the bug is found and corrected, I would roll back to 2.5.44, as you. I guess I must download version 2.5.44 on the extension website then after decompression, replacing the ad hoc directory through FTP. Is this right ? Thanks.

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    Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


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    Delete the directory then replace it.

    I have exactly the same problem

    I have also rolled back to 2.5.44 which has provided a workaround.

    Is a fix on its way?

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    The same problem, I also rolled back to 2.5.44.
    Let me know, when the problem is resolved.

    We are having this same issue. Has anyone that downgraded back to 2.5.44 experienced data loss like this person indicates in this 1-star review?

    And for anyone needing a way to access the events without downgrading, we found we could still get to the events using standard WordPress url structure by going to [YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS HERE]/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=ai1ec_event

    No data loss on my side. And thanks for the alternate link, that works 🙂

    timely quality assurance, timely quality management

    same problem…
    about 2014 – 2016, timely calendar plugin updates were nearly always causing troubles, like fatal errors…
    now, about three years, timely was able to issue updates without causing troubles…
    it seems, that we are now back again, with a situation, where updates are not really tested deeply…?
    so, great calendar, but better first do own detailed testing, before upgrading plugin on live sites…

    The code below is what I created in a plugin that runs on both multi-site and single site installations. My plugin depends on the All in One Event Calendar and the recent upgrade locked calendar access for event creation and edits. This code may be placed in your theme’s function.php file if you are not using a custom plugin as I do.

    * This checks if the ai1ec api settings are enabled, and
    * if not calls the function to enable them. It was required
    * due to changes that turned off the options in
    * an update unless an account was created.
    $option_name = ‘ai1ec_api_settings’;
    $options_array = array(
    array (
    ‘option_name’ => ‘enabled’,
    ‘option_value’ => true
    ); // option array set ai1ec api to enabled

    $wp_options_array = get_option($option_name);

    if (!$wp_options_array[‘enabled’]) set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array);
    //Set enabled only if it isn’t already set.

    * function set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array)
    * This sets or updates an option stored in the
    * WordPress options table. An array saved in
    * this program is passed to this function an we
    * iterate through the array to get desired
    * options. Options are retrived from options
    * table, the array is updated and then saved
    * back to WP options using WP functions.
    function set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array) {
    //Get entire array

    $wp_options_array = get_option($option_name);

    if (!$wp_options_array) $wp_options_array = array (
    $option_name => $options_array);

    foreach ( $options_array as $option_value) {

    // Alter the options array with new value if it existed already
    if ($wp_options_array) $wp_options_array = array_replace($wp_options_array, array (
    $option_value[‘option_name’] => $option_value[‘option_value’]));
    } // end foreach
    //Update entire array
    $status = update_option( $option_name, $wp_options_array );

    return $status; // this is boolean true if update saved ok
    // end set_or_update_wp_options($option_name,$options_array)

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