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  • This is a strange issue.

    I am unable to access my WordPress blog or admin panel from my work computer. I recently installed it on my website and thought everything was OK. The day before I was able to without any problems. Now I just receive the “Error establishing a database connection” at work.

    Before I get yelled at, let me fill you in on a few facts:

    1. I have the same exact computer and set up from home and at work (MacBook Pro, running OS X 10.5.3) with the same software, etc. I also have a PC and a mac mini at home. None of my home computers have any issues accessing this from my site.
    2. I have no firewall issues at work, nor am I restricted from accessing anything else online. I can even access admin panels of friends who have installed WordPress on their sites. My coworkers can access my wordpress (both on macs and PCs). Other friends can access it from home and from work.
    3. I can’t access through any browser installed on this computer, including: Mac – Safari, Firefox & Windows (run through Parallels on the same computer): Safari, Firefox, IE 5.5-7.
    4. I’ve kept an ongoing dialog with my host’s tech support… they say there’s nothing fishy on their end.
    5. I’m a web designer, so I’d like to think I’m not completely clueless… 🙂

    I’ve literally gone through everything I could think of, clearing the cache, uninstalling/reinstalling browsers, trying to access my site using the IP address and not the domain name. I’m completely stumped.

    The only thing I can think of is there is some sort of file shared by all my browsers on this computer that give me this error. I have no idea what to look for or how to fix it.

    I also searched online without any success, within this forum and elsewhere. I don’t even know what exactly to search for.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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  • I’m also having this problem: it works at home, but never at work. However, on some computers it works part of the time, but not others. My buddy, who also works on this same site, seems to have the best luck from his work computer during the day, then has problems after 5.

    Sometimes (on non-work computers) it varies between browsers. Sometimes, on my cell phone, I can get the site with Skyfire, but not Opera Mini, or vice versa.

    I can consistently get it through a proxy ( From work, I ran trace route, and it got all the way from my work computer to my host (Bluehost) without a problem.

    My Bluehost server is at 84% usage – could that cause this kind of problem? Could WordPress be blocking something somehow?

    Bluehost has said it’s nothing on their end. Any ideas? Any help would be really wonderful.


    (The site is

    It is always better to start you own post rather than tack on to one especially that is old.

    Your site has code errors that should be corrected,
    before you start any trouble shooting. This would explain at least some of the problems you are experiencing.

    Thank you very much for the advice. We are working on correcting errors on the site.

    However, even when we use simple, simple html (, the problem persists. I don’t think this is an issue with our code.

    The fact that the site always works with Ninjacloak leads me to believe this has to do with the interaction between the server and the terminal. Any other thoughts on what this might be or how it could be fixed?

    Thanks again.

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