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  • Hello there,

    My WordPress was installed correctly but when I’m adjusting my settings I’m told that two files are missing while im SURE I uploaded them in the right place.

    I tried to re-upload the files but that doesn’t work either. I uploaded everything with CuteFTP 6.0

    my site:
    error: (It just redirect me to , my host)
    error: (I can’t access from my WordPress Control Panel and redirect me to my host too)

    In order to clarify this mess, one of the unachievable links can be used through other panel. I mean: “xspf_player.php” is the file I want (a flash music player) and when i use that instruction in the Management Panel (edit.php): (where I manage my mp3)
    it redirect me to awardspace.
    But the incredible comes when I use the same instruction in the options panel (options-general.php / to setup the plugin) then it just works!. I can access perfectly.

    SO: I sure the files are there, but it’s something messing up everything.

    Please help me because I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

    It’s a missing file? a database error? there is something wrong with wordpress?

    (About the last question I have to say my blog was installed by wordpress install4free personal)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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