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  • I’ve been having this problem for a couple of months now:
    I’m working editing a wordpress site ( http://www.cantosrafaelmoreno/blog )and eventually I cannot access it any more. I cannot see the website or the wordpress dashboard on any of the devices connected to the same router at home, although the site is still functional through other internet connections (starbucks, friend’s house, etc.). On chrome the message “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” shows up, and its equivalent on other browsers. I’ve cleaned the cache and cookies, checked firewalls, etc. The fix was to change the router, and along with it the MAC and IP address, however this has happened again and I still have no idea what is causing it, and changing the router/addresses every time is not possible.
    I can access the website through an instant proxy, but it is not a permanent solution. If anything, i’d like to know what causes this issue.
    I’m using yahoo small business, wordpress version 3.9.1.

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  • works for me so this would seem to be a purely local issue at your end rather than anything related to WordPress.

    Apparently it is, and this might not be directly related to wordpress, however this is the second time it happens, while using a different isp, after working on and publishing new pages on the site using wordpress. Calling my isp has been of no use, and no one has been able to pinpoint the source of the problem or a permanent solution

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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