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  • I recently installed WordPress 3.4.1, but i have not been able to access the site. When i try to access it i get: Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at I have installed and running just fine on other sites of mine. I’ve done a fresh install and i still get the same error message. Can anyone help me?
    Here is the link:

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  • Humm… I can’t see anything, but I could see it at a sub directory

    looks like it was wiped out?

    I clicked the link in the previous post, i still get the same error message: Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at I did have this site up before. It did not do well and i wanted to upgrade to newest version of wordpress, so i removed the directory containing the site, which is what i wanted since i was changing my topic. I then uploaded the WordPress 3.4.1, but can’t get the site, i get the error message above. I was getting this same error message before i decided to remove the previous wordpress directory. So this problem existed before i did the new install. I’ve done this before and i thought this would solve or remove the problem. Silly me! I’ve never had this problem on any other sites i have. When i use file manager from my cpanel i can see the wordpress directory and files it contains.
    Here is the site link again:

    It’s still the same for me. Can’t see any files at the root, only under wordpress folder.

    I’ve always installed wordpress inside the public_html directory.
    Do you think moving all the files to the root directory might help solve this problem?

    I think you didn’t install the files in the correct path, you can’t see anything at

    so yes, you should move the files (but you will have settings problems due to new path). Would have to use a tool like

    to create install.php and zip file, move them instead, if your current site does have contents, or else just install it from scratch again.

    There is no content on this site. I’ve moved the wordpress directory from the public_html directory to the root. Awaiting further advice and i really do appreciate this help.

    The root I was referring to was public_html. I think you have to ask your host, exactly where the root of your site is (not your hosting account root).

    I’ve done a fresh install in the public_html directory as i usually do and still no luck.

    Maybe the path are not assigned correctly. I think only your host can help you with this now. It’s not WordPress problem.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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