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    Hi guys,

    Newbie warning!
    Every time my readers or I try to scroll down to older posts my site seems to crash (go blank)…I changed my settings from the infinite scrolling to the click ‘older posts’ button to see if it would help, but every time you click on it, the screen just goes white.

    I can still access all my old posts through my admin panel so I know they are still there. It’s just you can’t scroll to get them.

    Also I’ve noticed a lot more recently, that I seem to lose access to my admin panel. It usually comes back eventually but the other day it took over an hour – I tried /wp-admin and /wp-login.

    I have no idea if I’ve ruined the code somehow? I don’t like messing with code because I don’t really understand it (I watch a lot of tutorials before doing snything). All I’ve done lately is add the analytics plugin and I added some ad code – but seems to be working ok.

    There doesn’t seem to be any problems on my godaddy hosting. I updated to 3.6.

    Help? I have no idea what to do now?


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  • First off, that’s what the forums are for. We were all newbies at some point 🙂

    Have you removed any plugins recently, or added any new ones? It sounds like there’s a code error somewhere but error messages are disabled so you’re just getting a blank page. Try the followiing:

    • Disable all plugins. You may have to log in via FTP to do this, by renaming the plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/) to “plugins-old”
    • Change your site to the default TwentyThirteen theme. You may have to do this by renaming your current theme’s folder.
    • Download a fresh copy of WordPress 3.6, delete all files & folders on your site except wp-content, and upload the fresh copy except the wp-content folder.

    After you do this your site will hopefully come back to working order. If it does, re-activate your preferred theme and test. If it’s still working, rename your “plugins-old” folder back to “plugins” and one by one start re-activating plugins, testing each time.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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