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  • Hi there.

    I was wondering if anyone can help stop my hair turning grey?

    I recently created a WordPress website 5 weeks ago – but most of the time the server is not found in my browser (Firefox). However, everyone else can access it.

    I also can’t log into my wordpress dashboard using I’m using a new laptop (4 weeks old) with Windows 8 and can’t access it even on my old laptop using Windows 7. I’m able to access every other website – it’s only that the server isn’t found. I haven’t installed any anti-virus programs on the new laptop yet so all I’m running is McAfee security scan and Windows Firewall. I’ve tried the following things:

    – Using different browsers
    – Flushing DNS cache
    – Clearing DNS cache through browser ‘tools’ menu
    – Changing the proxy settings from automatic to manual and back again
    – Overriding DNS cache
    – Scanning my laptop for malware in case of DNS poisoning
    – Adjusting various settings on Windows firewall

    Unfortunately none of these things have created a permanent fix. I’ve also contacted my web hosts and they say my nameservers are set up correctly and my files have all been installed properly too.

    I don’t suppose anyone has any ideas?



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  • Krishna



    I can access your site. Try to access using a different computer.

    Thanks for your reply Krishna.

    I’ve tried using my old laptop but still can’t access it (might just be a coincidence though). Everyone else seems to be able to access it from their computers so I know it’s an issue with my laptop DNS. However, none of the troubleshooting I mentioned above has worked.





    Maybe your Internet service provider is blocking or your IP is being blocked. I can’t say for sure what is happening as I can access your site without any problems.

    A year ago I transferred my website from to and built a whole new site. Today I discovered that my old site has reappeared and I can’t access the newer one. The address is the same – – for both sites but the old one should have been made redundant

    help please

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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