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  • I’ve seen a few posts already about people who get fatal error messages when trying to log in to their admin sites, and the replies are always “log in to phpmyadmin and manage your user/ database from there”

    I am absolutely clueless as to what this means, and would appreciate a breakdown for dummies.

    I’m working from a new computer, so any original files/ downloads are gone. All I have is my domain and my host.

    I tried downloading this Phpmyadmin thing, there were about 10 different versions so I just picked the first one. It won’t open, and when I go to the file location I just get a gazillion different files (examples, js, libraries, set up, themes, config. sample etc)

    I have no idea how to open this programme, and when I do, how will it be synced up to my website? How can I access my website via this brand new tool that has no relation to anything?

    Other people have suggested using FTP but once again, I’m stumped. Any explanations in English would be much appreciated.

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  • If you get a fatal error I would recommen reinstalling wordpress, but leave wp-content (which contains your specific theme/plugin data).

    WordPress out of the box works, that is if your server has the appropriate rights/settings.

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