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  • Greetings,
    I have been trying to log in to my WordPress site for two days, with no luck. I discovered that my password wasn’t working anymore. I tried to reset it using the “lost password” feature, which asked me to check my e-mail for instruction. But there was no e-mail. I repeated the process about a half-dozen times, but no success. Then, following Codex instruction, I tried to reset it through FTP. FTP said my new password has been set, but when I tried to log in using the new password, I got the same message, saying the password was incorrect. I see the option of resetting the password through “phpMyAdmin.” I don’t know how to go about it. I of course could have reset it through the User feature, but that requires me log on to my site, which I can’t do because of not having a password that works.
    By the way, the problem occurred after the Best Buy Geek Squad put in 4GB memory into my laptop. I wonder if that could be the cause.
    Can anyone help?

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    Yes! Fill out the username with the database name from your godaddy hosting (it should be a long weird looking name if godaddy auto-generated it). Your password for the database is one YOU set when you first installed wordpress.

    Once you get “in” to phpmyadmin, follow my directions above.

    Keep me posted.


    Thank you and others for your efforts to help me access my site. You’d be glad to hear that a web developer who helped me set up the site has resolved the problem and I can access my site again.

    Thanks again for your support.


    OOPS! I now discover that I can’t access my WP site again! I had changed the old password, and the new password worked for a while. Now it doesn’t. I’m trying access the site through my ISP’s phpmyadmin.

    Here’s where I am. I clicked Database and came upon a screen with the following tabs:

    Structure, SQL, Search, Query, Export, Import and Operations.

    Which of these options may enable me to access the WP site and change the password?




    On the left of the phpmyadmin screen you should see a list (it may only have one or two items in the list – if so, click the [+] icon to expand the list(s).

    Find the database table (from the list you just expanded) and find the wp-users table. Double click wp-users in the list.

    (then continue the instructions from a few days ago… aka):

    In the main window, click Browse to list all the users. Check the username and email are what you expect them to be. Id they are wrong you can click the pencil to the left of the username and edit the information directly in the database (don’t touch the password) and (make sure ‘save’ is in the drop down menu box bottom left) click go to update the record.

    THEN retry resetting password from your wordpress login.

    Alternatively, you can also check this article on the topic to change password directly in phpmyadmin (you can’t just type any old thing in there for password):



    PS. I wonder why your pw stops working… once set it should be good forever essentially. Something else *must* be going on with your web site, your wordpress installation, or server.

    That or you’re really bad at remembering passwords 😛


    please help

    My site is running good untill i dont open the wp-admin. when i login in wp-admin the site got blocked. please tell me what the solution of this.

    Gaurav Kumar

    Please post your own topic.

    This is my own post

    No – this an old topic created by another user 7 months ago. Please post a fresh topic.

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