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Can't access my site

  • Greetings,
    I have been trying to log in to my WordPress site for two days, with no luck. I discovered that my password wasn’t working anymore. I tried to reset it using the “lost password” feature, which asked me to check my e-mail for instruction. But there was no e-mail. I repeated the process about a half-dozen times, but no success. Then, following Codex instruction, I tried to reset it through FTP. FTP said my new password has been set, but when I tried to log in using the new password, I got the same message, saying the password was incorrect. I see the option of resetting the password through “phpMyAdmin.” I don’t know how to go about it. I of course could have reset it through the User feature, but that requires me log on to my site, which I can’t do because of not having a password that works.
    By the way, the problem occurred after the Best Buy Geek Squad put in 4GB memory into my laptop. I wonder if that could be the cause.
    Can anyone help?

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    Where are you hosting your site? Who is your hosting provider? They may be able to walk you through it – and maybe find out where those reset emails are going…

    Hey Option Trading Guy,

    Thanks for trying to help me. My ISP is GoDaddy.com. I went over the problem with one of their representatives. He went into the site and said they can’t help, and that WordPress should be able to resolve the problem.

    By the way, I tried to go into the site via FTP to resent my password in the Users submenu, but FTP lands me into my old, abandoned site:http://islamwest.wordpress.com, whose username is also “islamwest” (as is that of my current site). The problem is that I can neither delete that old site nor change its username to avoid the confusion.

    Any further thoughts?




    Just out of curiousity… when you setup the *NEW* blog, the admin account required an email address, which is where those recovery emails should be going.

    Is there a way for your to check which email addy you used to set as the administrator? Is that something you would be able to find via phpmyadmin?

    The other things that come to mind are to temporarily turn off your “spam” or “bulk” email folder settings to be sure the recovery emails aren’t getting routed there.

    I’ve subscribed to this post so let me know what you find out (without necessarily posting details like emails and such).




    BTW… what is the *NEW* website so I can take a peek?


    Thanks, my buddy. My current site is: http://islam-and-west.com. Do you want the password?

    I just talked with the Geek Squad guy who installed the additional memory into my laptop. He said the installation can’t cause the problem.



    No, don’t send your pw.



    Did you try typing your email in the “forgot password” input box instead of just the username?

    I have the exact same problem. What version of WP are you running? What is happening is called a redirect loop w/ your wp-login.php. I am w/ hostgator. We think it may have to do w/ the .htaccess file. Check my posts, too, as I posted here yesterday about it.

    Forget lost password, your email, etc. They are correct. There is a problem where your database is accessed but a file is probably corrupt.

    My password and email are in the database correct, but arent being recognized….

    We think it is .htaccess related.

    Thanks, Birdie Breeze. I’m going to look into your suggestion. I’m heading out for a meeting. I’ll be back after 2/3 hours.

    Thanks again.


    Could it be that something in my site — e.g. data base — has been compromised?


    I had this problem a while ago and what I found out was that I inputed my email wrong, hostgator was able to get in a correct the email address and then I requested a new password and I was in business.

    The problem is that I’m not getting any e-mail from WP to the e-mail address I provided while registering. I reset the password and am told to check e-mail Inbox for instruction, but I don’t get the promised e-mail. I checked my Junk mail folder and other e-mail addresses, but no e-mail from WP about the problem.




    I see you have not been able to get through to try PHPmyadmin. We should give that a try.

    When you first setup wordpress it required you to create a database. That database is hosted at godaddy.com, and you can access it through your hosting plan there. WordPress install at godaddy usually generates a database “username” for you. The username for the database will be listed (again) in your godaddy hosting account.

    (this is located under godaddy / hosting /hosting management / web hosting / launch / databases / mysql / manageviaphpmyadmin)

    A screen will come up. Click [+] on the database to expand the table list. Find and click wp_users near the bottom. In the main window, click Browse to list all the users. Check the username and email are what you expect them to be. Id they are wrong you can click the pencil to the left of the username and edit the information directly in the database (don’t touch the password) and (make sure ‘save’ is in the drop down menu box bottom left) click go to update the record.

    THEN retry resetting password from your wordpress login.

    Alternatively, you can also check this article on the topic to change password directly in phpmyadmin (you can’t just type any old thing in there for password):


    I was away and just read your message. Thanks a lot for the tips to help me resolve the problem.

    I click Databases>MySQL>Manage via PHP Admin. That brings up a page with boxes for Username and Password. I don’t see a + sign or wp-users! Should I fill out the Username and Password boxes?


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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