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  • I used to really get a lot of use from this plug-in. But in the last several months it has become useless. It blocks me from logging into my own site. Yes, it is configured properly. It just started doing this and blocked me. So, I was able to log into the cpanel and deleted the plug-in. I have access again.

    It is in every programmers heart to instantly blame the user. But I can tell you the plug-in is at fault here. It’s a great plug-in when it works. But it does not work anymore so it has to go.

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  • This plugin hasn’t been updated for at least 2 years, and you really expect it to work correctly – much less be SAFE enough to be anywhere near your website?

    [snark removed by moderator.] [There is] the potential problems a single compromised website can have on untold numbers of other unknowing people?

    There are a variety of other free and paid solutions available that work quite well. Take IP Geo block and just let it go…it was good while it lasted, but it’s been a risk factor within months of it no longer being supported.

    I agree with TheVink about his/her comment regarding continued use of a plug-in that hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. The plug-in WAS great when the author supported it, but after he abandoned it, it became a vulnerability. It’s long past time for you to uninstall that potential hacker gateway and find something else to secure your site.

    Any other plugin suggestions, @7thangel ???

    I saw a free one a while back but it required manually maintaining a database. From MaxMind as I recall but I’m not on my PC right now. Thx

    @palmerct, I used to use IP Geo Block until the author stopped supporting it. I loved that plug-in. Now, I use the free version of Wordfence to create a blocking rule that blocks the IP range of those I don’t want to access my site. It’s a lot of work, and it probably doesn’t do as good of job as IP Geo Block, but it does help some. I also white list my ISP’s range, so I always have access to my WP Dashboard.

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    @7thangel — You’re right…that IS a lot of work! I use the free version of WordFence and it’s great at what it does. But I just want to limit access to US and Canada ip addresses so that would be pretty time-consuming to maintain. There is another plugin IQ Block Country but it requires uploading a database from MaxMind then keeping it up-to-date. Again, pretty time-consuming.

    At this point, I’d be willing to pay for something that was as easy as IP Geo Block used to be. But now it’s not only out of date and unsupported, it also causes conflicts with other plugins like the Divi editor.

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t taken this popular plugin and forked it.



    Yup, I’m very surprised this hasn’t been taken over, forked, and given it a new release of life. Quality plugin.

    “Yup, I’m very surprised this hasn’t been taken over, forked, and given it a new release of life. Quality plugin.”

    I have no idea about how or if someone else’s code can be simply “taken over” and used by someone else for commercial purposes, but…

    My first though was always what happened to this person who was always friendly, responsive and willing to answer questions about their plugin. Even for utterly ignorant users such as myself with our endless silly questions.

    To suddenly cease all communications, stop supporting a large body of work (at least I imagine that it is) and to drop off with zero warning?

    Since there is no mechanism for anyone to establish contact with the author of this work except through this forum, it remains a mystery.

    I certainly hope that they are well, but suspect otherwise. 🙁

    IP Geo Block was an outstanding plugin I enjoyed for years but it blocked me as well and had to delete everything. WordPress should deactivate the plugin from their plugin library to avoid any unnecessary bad reviews.

    I searched for Tokkonopapa on Internet and his/her online activities stopped around two years ago on all websites where he/she used that nickname, or we can imagine the worst happened or he/she chose to focus on another activity with another nickname or outside the Internet. If anyone speaks Japanese, they could ask the registrar/host of the plugin website if they could get in touch with him/her to check if he/she is fine.

    Be well and stay safe.

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