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  • Hi,

    I can’t access my blog during the evening. It’s REALLY weird because I have no problem accessing my blog during the day, but then in the evening I suddenly can’t – and this is how it’s like every day. During the day it’s fine, during the evening it’s not.

    And others can’t see my blog either during that time period.

    My web host is I wrote to them and asked about the problem and they checked and couldn’t find any, so I’m assuming that the problem is with wordpress? But I don’t know for sure of course.

    When I try to enter my blog, I type in my domain ( and then I get this message: “page cannot be displayed” (Translated from Danish to English)
    And then it suggests that I check that the domain is correct – which it is.
    And that I try searching for the website via Google (or other pages like it) but that doesn’t change anything – the blog still cannot be displayed.
    And finally it suggests that I try to update the page in a few minutes – which STILL doesn’t change anything.

    So I’m really counting on one of you being able to help me, because I feel like I’ve tried everything!

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  • Sounds like an ISP or host issue, but I get this message right now:

    The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.



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    If you can access your site at other times of the day, then it’s not a WordPress issue. It’s a hosting one. You need to contact your hosts about this – ideally with dates & times when access was problematic.

    Okaaay, thank you I will then 🙂

    It’s just weird because I asked them about this, and they told me there wasn’t a problem – maybe I wasn’t being specific enough.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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