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  • Hi,

    I’ve been setting up a site. It is not hosted yet, I’ve been working on it since several weeks and I didn’t need to login every time I began working. It was always open as an administrator. From one day to the other, the administrator was logout, and I can’t find a way of login in.

    How do I do that?


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  • Hello,

    Do you mean you lost your login-password ?

    If you have PhpMyAdmin it’s a relatively straightforward way to fix it – I got used to doing it in bulk for the friends and relatives whose blogs I’m hosting on my server.

    In PhpMyAdmin, open your blog’s database.
    Click (left sidebar) wp_users

    Right column, find your username (hopefully, there will be only yours, so no risk of confusion, so, line 1, ID 1).

    In the line of your username, click to Modify, it’s the first hyperlink.

    You see various things. Line 1: ID, line 2: user_login, line 3: user_pass.
    That’s the line you want, it should show on the right a huge gibberish of random-looking characters, it’s the “value” column.

    In there, write in plain text the new password that you want.
    Move your mouse to the left to the previous column, the Function column. Click the dropdown list and pick MD5.

    And click to Execute at the bottom of the page.

    There you are, you just saved a new password for your admin account.
    The login will be what’s stored for user_login, and the password will be what you typed in plain text.

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