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    Hi Guys

    Need your help.

    I have XAMPP installed on my Windows 10 PC. I am able to access website on same machine. When I try to access same website on other PC in same network, I get error message err_connection_refused.
    My website is installed in folder mysite.
    On same PC I access website by typing localhost/mysite
    On other PC I try accessing by typing IP address/mysite and get error message.
    But on other PC, if I type IP address only, I do get connected to Xampp Dashboard.
    In WordPress Settings I tried changing Home and Site URL’s to http://IP Address/mysite but that hasn’t helped so far as accessing the website from other PC is concerned.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Somehow it starting working. I just cleared cookies of browser of my other computer on LAN.

    Issue is fixed, so closing this thread.

    hello!!!i have a localhost wordpress site that it displays well in my machine but when i type the address in another computer of my local network it loads the site but it’s theme and it’s customization is dead.It only shows the posts and the colours.nothing else.i have tried anything but i cant find a valid solution.Can you help me?

    Try this.
    1. In Settings, change Home and Site URL to your local machine IP address.
    Example: If your localhost machine IP address is and the folder hosted your website is mysite; you’d change URLs to
    Save this setting. You’d be logged out. So log back in again.

    2. Clear browser cookies on other PC on network and try with the new URL

    Hope this works.
    Thank you.



    Well thank you so much!!!But it still doesn’t work.I have checked firewall,ports…everything is fine but it doesn’t load.When i change the home and site url it doesn’t open neither in my own pc.Do you have any other idea?

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