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  • Hi all,

    suddenly i cannot access my homepage and some articles which I posted in the last 2 months (Dec 2016 & Jan 2017). I feel like something is blocking me and other readers to access my website, so my site is half down, because we can access the old posts, but not the homepage / the latest posts.

    How to fix this? I already deactivate the Bad Behaviour plugin which might be the reason why I got blocked from my site, but this is strange as I did nothing and did not make any changes.

    How to fix this? Thanks in advance.


    Technical Support

    An invalid request was received from your browser. This may be caused by a malfunctioning proxy server or browser privacy software.

    To resolve this problem, try bypassing the proxy server and connecting directly, disabling the browser privacy software, or using a different web browser.

    If you are using a work computer and are unable to make these changes yourself, contact your network administrator for assistance.

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  • Have you tried clearing cache? Not only at your end but requesting your hosting provider to do so if they have a caching mechanism.

    Hi Jerry,

    I found out the problem. Apparently, this issue caused by Bad Behavior plugin which suddenly makes some of the posts got corrupted, including the homepage.

    I’ve deactivated this plugin, and try to re-post the same article again, and it’s fine. There’s no error message showing up on the post. We can visit and read the post like usual.

    But somehow, a bit odd. Whenever we click the home button, it returns to the error message again.

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