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    Hi – Not very technical so appologies in advance.

    I’m clawing my way through a wordpress 3.0 multiuser install and im all up and running.

    The problem is I cannot enter the backend of subdomain sites.
    The subdomain site works at but when attempting login at I get the login page, but the page just reloads when I enter my superadmin username and password, or any other username and password set-up to access the backend of this blog.

    The only other thing of note, is that my wordpress install directory is not in the root of my webserver. Its resides in \something\somethingelse\wordpress

    Any help would be very much appreciated!


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  • – was it working before you enabled the network?

    – are the Site URL and Home URL of your install the same? (If so, what folder it is in on the server doesn’t matter)

    – since you mentioned subdomains, did you setup the wildcard subdomains as outlined in the “before you begin” section in the codex? 🙂

    Hi thanks for the switft response.

    Yes the site url and home url are the same (i think)

    I didnt set up wildcards – im adding the specific subdomain individually and pointing it to the wordpress install folder.

    Gettign the login page again is a huge clue, as normally you won’t have to login to each subdomain. You’re logged in across the entire network.

    ugh, too hot to think here.

    tried installing a clean wordpress 3 install in the root of my webserver.

    Still the same problem.

    weird thing is , I already have a wordpress MU ugraded to 3 multiuser install working perfectly on this server.

    cant work out what is different.

    I should add – this issue only orrurs when I try to hook up the subdomain site to the TLD (by going SuperAdmin>sites>edit and changing the domain to the TLD I want to work with that particular blog)

    Prior to this step, when the blog is still a subdomain ( everything works (front and backend)

    When I make the change to TLD domain, and visit the TLD in a browser I get the frontpage of the sub blog – I just cant log to backend.

    Have I made myself any clearer?!

    YES! I just clued in that you are domain mapping.

    Don’t edit the site details, use the plugin.

    It does all the extra stuff so you can do things like login.

    Thanks Andrea

    All soreted! Hope the weather cools down for you!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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